70th Anniversary Update

Dear Legionnaires

On June 6, 2015, our post will celebrate its 70th Anniversary. It is only a little more than one year away for this historic event. The post is currently working to put in place the 70th Anniversary Planning Committee to start developing different activities for the anniversary celebration. Since the 50th Anniversary, the post has published a commemorative journal every five years to highlight important activities and document its proud and glorious history. We will do the same for the 70th Anniversary and publish a commemorative journal for this historical event. To highlight the contributions of Chinese-American veterans to our great nation and to our community, the theme for the 55th anniversary celebration was “We serve with pride”. The theme for the 60th anniversary celebration was “CAP”, which stood for “Chinese American Pride”and also “Contribute, Assimilate, and Progress”. The theme for the 65th Anniversary celebration was “LEAP”, which stood for “Legacy, Evolve, Advance, and Prolong”. We are now ready for a theme for the upcoming 70th Anniversary that best exemplifies who we are and what we do to serve our veterans, our community and to promote the ideals of the preamble of the constitution of the American Legion. We are open to any suggestions or recommendations and your opinion counts.

It is very important that each one of us steps forward and volunteers our time and effort to ensure that we have a successful celebration. There will be plenty of work and we need all the help we can get to accomplish the best celebration possible. Tell us what your strengths are (graphic design and photo editing, Chinese language typing, proof reading, etc.), what you like to do to help or how much time you can volunteer. We will work with you to schedule the tasks that are best suited for you. In the mean time, we would like to encourage you to start working on your articles, viewpoints and commentary. Suggested topics for your writing could include historical recollection, personal experience while in the armed services or life in the USA in general, as well as Kimlau Post related activities. If you would like to share, please submit Post or military related pictures for possible selection for print in the commemorative journal.

A celebration of this magnitude requires a team effort and we will all need to put our best foot forward to accomplish this. Please let us know how you can help or if you are interested in participating but need more information. You can either call our Post Headquarters at 212-925-5528 or send an email to post1291@yahoo.com.

Please note that in order to make it easier for students to arrange for transcripts to be sent to us while they are still in school the post has revised the scholarship application period. The scholarship application submittal period will now be from January 1st to August 31st.

For the first time the Post will be awarding (5) Robert S. Wong scholarships (in the amount of one hundred dollars) available to members, spouses, children of members and grandchildren of 2 members. To apply and qualify for the awards, you simply need to prove that you, your spouse or your children/grandchildren have completed a Chinese Language class/course (first grader to college) within one year of application deadline (August 31st). Please note, that this is in addition to the (8) annual scholarships already being awarded to members, spouses, children of members and grandchildren of members.