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American Legion Lt. B. R. Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291, Inc.
Legion Year 18 – 19 Newsletter No. 4
April, 2019


Dear Legionnaires 親愛的會友:

During the Post membership meeting in January, a resolution was unanimously approved to use email to distribute future quarterly newsletters. With more and more people employing the Internet as their main communication tool, our post also recognizes the effectiveness and cost savings from circulating important information to our members in a timely manner through email. The American Legion National Headquarters and The New York Department Headquarters have already adopted the policy utilizing email to communicate with members. We have decided to implement this process over the next several months to allow our members sufficient time to update their current email address with us. Those of you that have already provided your current email address to us should have received this newsletter via email as well. If you have an email address but did not receive the newsletter, it is likely that either your email in our records is no longer valid or you did not provide us with an email address. Please send an email to POST1291@YAHOO.COM to update us with your new email address and be sure to include your name and Legion ID number in the email so that we can correctly associate you in the post records. Please check your email spam folder and change your settings to accept mail from POST1291@YAHOO.COM to be placed in your inbox. Our goal is to send the June 2019 newsletter via email to those members that have provided an email address to the Post and to eliminate the duplicated mailing as we are doing for the April 2019 newsletter. To continue to receive future newsletters, it is of utmost importance that we have your current email address. We do recognize that not everyone is currently using email as a tool to communicate; the Post will continue to mail our newsletter and other pertinent information to only those members without email addresses via U. S. mail delivery.

On June 6, 2020, our post will celebrate its 75th Anniversary. It’s only a little more than one year away for this historic event. The post is currently working to put in place the 75th Anniversary Planning Committee to start developing different activities for the anniversary celebration. Since the 50th Anniversary, the post has published a commemorative journal every five years to highlight important activities and document its proud and glorious history. We will do the same for the 75th Anniversary and publish a commemorative journal for this momentous event. To highlight the contributions of Chinese-American veterans to our great nation and to our community, the theme for the 55th anniversary celebration was “We serve with pride”. The theme for the 60th anniversary celebration was “CAP”, which stood for “Chinese American Pride” and also “Contribute, Assimilate, and Progress”. The theme for the 65th Anniversary celebration was “LEAP”, which stood for “Legacy, Evolve, Advance, and Prolong”. The theme for the 70th anniversary celebration was “Patriotism, Honor and Camaraderie.” We are now ready for a theme for the upcoming 75th Anniversary that best exemplifies who we are and what we do to serve our veterans, our community and to promote the ideals of the preamble of the constitution of the American Legion. We are open to suggestions or recommendations and remember – your opinion counts!

It is very important that each one of us steps forward and volunteers our time to ensure that we have a successful celebration. There will be plenty of work and we will need all the help we can get to achieve the best celebration possible. Tell us what your strengths are (graphic design and photo editing, Chinese language typing, proof reading, etc.), what you would like to do to help or how much time you can volunteer. We will work with you to schedule the tasks that are best suited for you. In the meantime, we would like to encourage you to start working on your articles, viewpoints and commentary. Suggested topics for your writing could include historical recollection, personal experiences while in the armed services or life in the USA in general, as well as Kimlau Post related activities. If you’d like to share memories, please submit Post or military related pictures for possible selection for print in the 75th Anniversary commemorative journal.

A celebration of this magnitude requires a team effort and we will all need to put our best foot forward to accomplish this. Please let us know how you can help or if you are interested in participating but need more information. You can either call our Post Headquarters at 212-925-5528 or send an email to POST1291@YAHOO.COM.

President Trump signed the Chinese-American World War II Veterans Congressional Gold Medal Act into law in December of 2018. Our Post is currently working with a videographer, Jensen Rong, who volunteers his time to interview our WWII members to document their heroic stories and sacrifices in serving our country during WWII with honor and distinctions. We want to reach out to as many WWII members as possible, so please contact the Post Headquarters if you are interested in participating in the project. We understand many of you may have difficulty travelling to the post, so in most cases Jensen and his team will conduct the interview in your home or a suitable place near you.

Please note that in order to make it easier for students to arrange for transcripts to be sent to us while they are still in school the post has revised the scholarship application period. The scholarship application submittal period will now be from January 1st to August 31st.

在今年一月會員大會通過以電郵方法式將會務通訊寄給本會記錄已存有電郵電郵地址的會員議案。由於時代不斷的轉變及改進,電郵巳受到社會廣泛的採用,有一些機構更以電郵為其維一的通訊方法。電郵的聯絡效率快捷及能節省郵費亦是其接受歡迎最重要的原因。美國退伍軍人總會及紐約州退伍軍人總會已在數年前開始以電郵與會員通訊。本會將按步執行電郵通訊議案,今期(四月)會務通訊仍然像以往一樣寄給各會員,但本會記錄已存有電郵地址的會員將會同時收到一份電郵會務通訊。如果你有電郵地址但未收過電郵會務通訊,原因可能是本會存有你的電郵地址已經更改或無效,亦可能你電郵收件時設有自動將會務通訊放置在廢物信箱內,你應該調整你廢物信箱使到會務通訊直接放置到你收信信箱內。本會目的是下一次(六月)會務通訊利用電郵寄出本會記錄已存有電郵地址的會員,不會像今次雙重寄出,如果你沒收到這份試用電郵寄出的會務通訊但你有電郵地址,請盡快電郵你的姓名及本會會員証號碼到本會電郵地址 POST1291@YAHOO.COM。本會知道不是每一位會員都享用電郵,本會定會繼續以美國郵政寄出會務通訊給沒有電郵地址的會員。





1. Post Activities 會務

The following motions were approved during the January 20, 2019 General Meeting:


a. Approved the appointment of Chinese Secretary David Lam and Past Commander Mimi Wang to co-chair the annual Picnic Committee; annual picnic to be held on July 28, 2019.


b. Approved to phase in sending the Post Quarterly Newsletters via email for those members who has email address in the Post Database.



2. News/Announcement 其他消息

a. The 2019 Memorial Day Parade/Ceremony will be held on Monday, May 27, 2019. All members are encourage to participate and should sign-up prior to 12:00 noon that day and be ready to assemble at the corner of Mott Street and Canal Street for march-off on or about 12:30 pm. Lunch will be served at the Delight 28 Restaurant, 28 Pell Street at 2:00 PM. Standard uniform required (Jacket and tie, Legion cap, shoes, no sneaker) to receive the $10 transportation reimbursement.


本年度國殤日遊行,定於五月二十七日星期一中午在華埠舉行,參加會員請於該日十二時前到本會書記處登記,十二時半在勿街夾堅尼路集合出發忠烈坊,禮成後於下午二時在華埠披露街“喜運來大酒樓” 午餐。參加遊行者必須記得衣服整齊(穿套裝,結領帶,著皮鞋,戴軍帽)才能領取十元車馬費。


b. The Legion Year 2019-2020 Post Installation ceremony and banquet will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2019. Installation of officers is scheduled for 4 pm at the Post Chairman Peter Woo Auditorium; follow immediately by the annual banquet at Jing Fong Restaurant at 6 pm. Anyone who wishes to attend the banquet must register with the Chinese Secretary from Monday May 6, 2019 to Sunday, May 19, 2019 (2 – 4 pm daily). First come first served, with no exceptions. Eligibility and cost for the banquet are as follow –

     1.) Members with 2019 membership card and who had made a donation of $15.00 or more – one complimentary ticket.

     2.) Companion ticket $15.00 each – limited to one per eligible member, no exceptions.

     3.) Members of the Lt. Kimlau American Auxiliary Unit or the Lt. Kimlau Sons of American Legion Squadron are invited to join this banquet if they are not otherwise qualified. Cost is $15.00 per ticket and maximum 2 tickets each. Please bring your 2019 Auxiliary or SAL membership card.

     4.) Additional tickets can be purchased beginning May 13, 2019 for $35.00 (pending membership approval in the April 28 meeting) each. Maximum of 8 additional tickets per member.








3. Taps 仙逝會員

We are sad to report the following legionnaires have passed on to the Commander of us all post everlasting.


May Our Comrades Rest In Peace!

Frank Ling 凌 壽 南 (Feb 19)

Wing W. Lee 黃 立 悅 (Feb 19)

Richard Szeto 司 徒 華 強 (Apr 19)



4. New/Transfer Members 新入會會員

There were one new member approved by the last General meeting

一八至一九年第三次會員大會通過接納下列一位新入會會員: Jacky Chen 陳 彥 龍 (Gulf – Army)

Please join us to welcome the above new members. Hope to see all of you in future functions.



We hope the above information will be of interest to you and we hope to hear from you soon. Let us know what we can do for you. Until we meet again, stay well!







Antonio Chuy 朱超然

Kai S. Chung 李禎年, Don Yee余超俊, Joe Law 羅明泰

Gabe B. Mui 梅本立, Wing Y. Tam 譚永源

David Lam 林善群, Paul Tam譚煥瑜




Pentagon to Open Online Exchange Shopping to Vets in 2017

A Defense Department retail board has given the green light to a plan to open online exchange shopping to all honorably discharged veterans, with hopes of starting the program on Veterans Day in 2017.

To get started, please visit the site to register:

The Exchange is excited to welcome Veterans of all United States Armed Forces as part of the Veterans online shopping benefit. We will soon be able to serve you through the lifelong shopping privileges you’ve rightfully earned.