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Gabe Mui Is Legionnaire of the Year


All ten districts submitted their Legionnaires of the Year for consideration, with First District’s Gabe Mui being selected as Department Legionnaire of the Year, Chairman Joseph Goonan announced at the 104th Annual Convention in Binghamton in July.

Mui served in the U.S. Army in the early 1970s and is a member of Lt. Kim Lau Chinese Memorial Post 1291 in New York County.

As adjutant he was instrumental in establishing a Business improvement District (BID) in the Post’s neighborhood, and was instrumental in setting up the Post’s computer system, launching electronic communication with members and the community. As commander, he led the Post in adopting a platoon in the 10th Mountain Division. After Superstorm Sandy, Mui helped coordinate efforts through the American Legion National Emergency Fund to assist legionnaires in rebuilding their homes and lives. He also was the driving force behind the last three editions of the Post’s journal that has been published every five years since the Post celebrated its 50th anniversary.



The other district Legionnaires of the Year are:

  • 2nd District: Mark Kelly, Richmond County.
  • 3rd District: Richard Morris,Post 252, Columbia County.
  • 4th District: John Paro, Post 323, Washington County.
  • 5th District: James Dupre, Jefferson County.
  • 6th District: Frances E. Holderman,Post 54, Madison County.
  • 7th District: Raymond C. McCormick, Post 1151, Monroe County.
  • 8th District: Ruth Ann Coppola, Post 205, Erie County.
  • 9th District: Maureen F. Morgan, Post 199, Rockland County.
  • 10th District: Anthony Marino,Post 44, Nassau County.



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Gabe Mui – Legionnaire of the Year


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