PPC Chuy Elected as CCBA President



Lt. Kimlau Post 1291 Celebrates Past Commander’s Elected as CCBA President


The American Legion’s Lt. B. R. Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291 beams with pride as their Past Commander, Antonio “Tony” Chuy, was elected to the esteemed position of President of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA).



The entire Lt. B. R. Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291 family is ecstatic for Past Commander Chuy and extends their warmest congratulations on this well-deserved accomplishment. His unwavering commitment to service, both in the military and within the community, serves as a true inspiration.


Past Commander Chuy’s distinguished history with Lt. B. R. Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291 exemplifies his dedication to veterans and the Chinese-American community. There’s no doubt that his exemplary leadership as a past commander played a significant role in his successful election to the CCBA presidency.


The CCBA is a renowned and highly respected organization that actively advocates for the well-being of Chinese Americans nationwide. Established in 1883, the CCBA is the oldest Chinatown community organization. It serves as the parent organization for the Chinese Community Center and has consistently championed the needs of New York City’s Chinese American population. The CCBA functions as an umbrella organization, encompassing 60 member groups representing a diverse cross-section of New York’s Chinese community. These include professional and trade associations, civic and veterans groups, religious, cultural, and women’s organizations; provincial organizations and family organizations. The Lt. B. R. Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291 is a proud member of CCBA and has been elected to serve on its Executive Board for many decades.


With Past Commander Chuy at the helm, Lt. B. R. Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291 eagerly anticipates an even stronger bond between the two organizations as they continue to serve the community.


Lt. Kimlau Post 1291 offers Past Commander Chuy their sincerest well wishes in his new role. They have unwavering faith that he will bring the same passion and dedication to the CCBA that he has consistently demonstrated throughout his service.



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