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American Legion Lt. B. R. Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291

Legion Year 19 – 20 Newsletter No. 4


April 2020


Special Notice

Dear Legionnaires 親愛的會友:

As the coronavirus pandemic worsens and greatly impacted everyone of late. Government officials have issued a lock-down order for all nonessential business to help stop the spread of virus. Our post has complied with the directive and promptly closed for business since March 17. This action is no doubt put our upcoming scheduled events and the 75th Anniversary celebration in jeopardy. The National American Legion and the New York Department has suspended operations and cancelled scheduled events as far as late June. It is imperative that we should consider our health and the health and safety of those around us at a highest priority and at the same time, obey the law to minimize the spread of the virus. In this challenging time we must take drastic actions, Commander Chuy, members of the staff and Post senior leaderships are in full agreement for the following scheduled events in April, May and June to be cancelled until further notice. It is unprecedented to take these steps but is a necessary one to protect our members. They are as follow:

April 12, Staff Meeting
April 19, Executive Committee Meeting
April 26, General Membership Meeting
May 3, Post Officer Nomination
May 17, Post Officer Election
May 25, Memorial Day Parade
June 6, 75th Anniversary Celebration and Officer Installation
June 14, Staff Meeting
June 21, Executive Committee Meeting
June 28, General Membership Meeting

The cancellation of the Post Officer Nomination, Post Officer Election and Installation of officers will impact on the officers who are currently in those positions of term limit to be consistent with the Post by-laws. In order to maintain the Post operation without interruption in the time of crisis, with the approval of members of the staff and Post senior leaderships, Commander Chuy further directed all current officers to serve in their current position for another year. A formal resolution to amend the by-laws to allow for this temporary change in a global emergency we are all facing now will be presented to membership when the time is safe to do so.

There were many factors we had considered and many thoughts went into making these difficult decisions; not only we are obligated to obey the law of limiting any social gathering; we are also concern of the unnecessary risk of our members. We are at the mercy of the pandemic that is not under control anytime soon and availability of the Chinatown restaurants environment. We are disappointed as you do especially cancelling the 75th Anniversary celebration. We ultimately came to the conclusion of not risking the health and well-being of our members has out weighted the celebration.

Please follow the CDC guidelines and pay extra precautions to you and your family’s health and safety. We will get through this and look forward to the normal living we were once so enjoyed.






1. Post Activities 會務

The following motions were approved during the January 20, 2020 General Meeting:

a. Approved the appointment of Chinese Secretary David Lam and Past Commander Mimi Wang to co-chair the annual Picnic Committee; annual picnic to be held on July 26, 2020.

b. Disapproved to future Thanksgiving and Christmas parties in restaurant instead at the Post.


3. Taps 仙逝會員

We are sad to report the following legionnaires have passed on to the Commander of us all post everlasting.


May Our Comrades Rest In Peace!


Alvin Wong (Nov 19)

Calvin Ho 何 啟 雲 (Jan 20)

Robert Tsang 曾 廣 萬 (Jan 20)

Arthur Wong 黃 寧 (Jan 20)


4. New/Transfer Members 新入會會員

There were seven new members approved by the last General meeting


Yuk yan Lee 李 玉 仁 (Gulf – Navy)

Tont Y. Hu (Gulf – Marine)

Haisheng Huang 黃 海 笙 (Leg. Act – Navy)

Yuanjie Zhuo 卓 元 杰 (Gulf – Navy)

Ethan Leung 梁 藝 洪 (Gulf – Navy)



Please join us to welcome the above new member. Hope to see all of you in future functions.



We hope the above information will be of interest to you and we hope to hear from you soon. Let us know what we can do for you. Until we meet again, stay well!



THE STAFF 本會行政小組仝人敬啟

Antonio Chuy   朱超然, Randall Eng   伍元天, Kai S. Chung  李禎年, Howard Chin  陳煥寧

Gabe B. Mui   梅本立, Mark Eng  伍顯宗, David Lam  林善群, Paul Tam  譚煥瑜






How to Register a Veteran for the Congressional Gold Medal


How to Register a Veteran for the Congressional Gold Medal

How to Register a Veteran-Chinese Version


Registering a Veteran for eligibility to receive Congressional Gold Medal is quite simple using these instructions (please review your entries for accuracy):

1. Go to the only official authorized website to accept Congressional Gold Medal applications for consideration and confirmation at



which takes you to the application form. Check all entries for accuracy, especially your email and phone number. Incorrect entries will result in a delay in contacting you.

4. All questions with an asterisk (*) must be answered completely.

5. Have your discharge documents, and any other documents demonstrating their WWII service ready to enter the information. Also, it will ask you to upload the relevant documents or photos needed in Q.7. You can upload more documents and photos at the end starting with Q.26.

6. When entering dates, you must use the format MM/DD/YYYY, entering in “01” for DD if not known.

7. Check all entries for accuracy, especially your email and phone number. Incorrect entries will result in a delay in contacting you.

8. When completed, click DONE and if the next screen shows, “Thank you for completing the application.”, then the system has accepted your application. If you don’t receive that message, check for any errors. No confirmation of receipt email will be sent.

9. Please allow 30-45 days to process and review your application for consideration. If you have any questions, please contact us at and provide a contact phone no. and a convenient time to reach you.

10. You may also wish to add this email,, to your email contacts so any correspondence from us will not be diverted to the JUNK/SPAM box.

12. Refer to the FAQ document for answers to many common questions at:





Do You Know

We Will Celebrate Our 75th Anniversary In 2020

The Post Will Publish a Journal to Commemorate This Special Event

And We Need Your HELP!



1. Articles – Historical recollection, suggestion and commentary (past, present and future)….related to our Post

2. Articles – Personal experience (humor or otherwise) while in the armed services or life in the USA

3. Pictures – About Post related activities

4. Any comic, art works that are of good taste



No Pay, No Benefits, No Vacation

But….we promise lots of hard work and fun – You can tell us what you like to do or

We can assign you a task.

We need all the helps we can get to pull this off.

This will be a TEAM effort

Please be part of the TEAM!


Interested or For More Information

Contact Historian Mimi Wang, Adjutant Gabe Mui, Commander Antonio Chuy




一 凡具有本會歷史性之文章,例如本會始初籌劃組織之沿革以及成立後所經歷的犖犖大事。

二 對本會成立七十五年之回顧與前瞻。

三 對本會將來發展之建議。請詳列所建議之步驟與計劃。

四 從軍期間個人觀感。

五 服役期間所遇的趣聞趣事。

六 文藝園地,凡詩詞歌賦,小品文,雜文,時事論文,旅行遊記等等。

七 各種活動相片,只限在軍中服役或與本會有關並具紀念性之精選為主(用完後原相奉還)。

八 會員如有繪畫,書法,封面或圖案設計,漫畫等專長者,歡迎提供協助。




Pentagon to Open Online Exchange Shopping to Vets in 2017

A Defense Department retail board has given the green light to a plan to open online exchange shopping to all honorably discharged veterans, with hopes of starting the program on Veterans Day in 2017.

To get started, please visit the site to register:

The Exchange is excited to welcome Veterans of all United States Armed Forces as part of the Veterans online shopping benefit. We will soon be able to serve you through the lifelong shopping privileges you’ve rightfully earned.